I would like to start using your products. Which would you recommend?

  • Rejuvenating Toner Set – Recommended 30-day beauty regimen for beginners. Great for exfoliating rough, dry and old skin.
  • Rejuvin8-Plazenta Set – Recommended regular regimen for mature skin. Remove blemishes, minor skin discoloration and make less visible fine lines that may lead to wrinkles.
  • Clarifiance Acne Set – Recommended for oily and pimple-prone skin. Clear pimples fast. Diminish pimple scar.
  • UltraLift Beauty Set – Recommended beauty regimen for sensitive and over dry skin.

I have been using Rejuvenating Facial Toner for almost a week , is peeling normal?

Yes. Users will be experiencing minimal shedding off of dead/scaly skin. This is an integral part of the beauty regimen to remove the dead layer of skin and open clogged pores. The first week of use is what we call the “ugly stage”. You may not like what you see in the mirror, but it will soon be over in a matter of days. Use 4 in 1 Cream or Day Cream during the day to make the peeling less visible.

How long will the peeling process last?

There will be peeling as long as there is dead or scaly skin to remove. If the peeling continues while you feel there is enough, reduce the frequency of application of the facial lotion or stop using it. But it is recommended to continue the cleaning and moisturizing procedure to protect the “new skin”.

My face gets reddish when I use the facial toner/lotion, is this cause for worry?

The face normally gets a little flushed during initial application. Over-redness is a sign of over application of the facial lotion. Reduce frequency of use. Exercise your own judgment based on the visible results.

I have been using the Rejuvin8 Set for more than a week now but I have yet to see the result.

People have different skin type, condition and quality, therefore the effects of using the product may vary. For some it may take just a few days to see the results but for others it may take weeks or even months. The key factor in the success of our beauty regimen is consistency of use and lots of patience. Your skin needs to adjust to the beauty regimen and there is no “quick fix” if you want long lasting results.

I am a regular Crystalderm user and I also love the beach. How do I protect my skin?

When going outdoors, it is best to moisturize to protect the gains achieved through our beauty regimen. When going to the beach or expecting to be exposed to the sunrays for a long time, it is recommended to stop using the facial lotion for at least 72 hours prior to the planned date. Apply sunblock/day cream sparingly and frequently for protection.

I would like to try your products but right now I am using other brands. Can I mix - match?

We always recommend our customers to stop using other brands while using our products to avoid mix results. The items contained in the beauty sets are complete and complementary to ensure the best results.