About us

Many years ago, Crystalderm was just one of the many companies that aspired to be part of the vibrant cosmetics market. Today, it is more committed and inspired to provide its customers with truly caring and rewarding personal care products.

Crystalderm did not instantly grow in leaps and bounds but through the years attracted loyal customers because of the reliable quality of its products. We did not just make a promise. We delivered. By word of mouth sales remarkably grew. Likewise, local and international distributors’ reached an unexpected number. Our dealers from around the country and international distributors from Asia, the Middle East and North America continue to sell and trust our products. And the list is growing.Crystalderm customers both local and overseas continue to heap praises and superlatives on our products. Customers worldwide either write or call us to say how much they love our product simply because it works. We cannot help but be elated with our success as evidenced by the growing number of Crystalderm users.

While our rejuvenating beauty regimen works wonderfully well with customers, Crystalderm continues to exceed expectations with the Patchouli hair care line. This new addition to our list of enviable personal care items never fails to delight both regular and new customers. Crystalderm does not rest on its laurels but continuously endeavors to provide its customers with better quality products to meet their personal care needs. Our research and development team works constantly to keep abreast of the latest in skin care technology and new discoveries in personal care ingredients to develop new formulations and improve on existing ones.


To care for your skin with love and pure integrity