Beauty Regimen Pointers

At some point of the beauty regimen, users will normally experience the exfoliation stage. It is a precursor step to open clogged pores, remove excess oil and rid of the dead layer of skin to facilitate the renewal process. Exfoliation is a positive sign that the skin is receptive to the regimen and that it works as intended. The timing and quantity of skin peel may vary depending on skin condition, age factor and frequency of application. Should the user experience irregular results, here are some additional tips to follow:

  • Do not use the Facial Lotion as a stand-alone product. It is not a fix-it-all solution to your skin problems. Use the complete set. Each of the products in the set complements each other to achieve the desired results.
  • Follow the step-by-step procedure as indicated in the instructions. Clean the face thoroughly using soap and cleanser before applying the facial lotion.
    When using the facial lotion, wet the cotton with just enough of it to be applied over the entire facial area.
  • “Over-redness” is a sign of over application or over use of the facial lotion. Reduce the amount of facial lotion or adjust the frequency of application.
  • When the peeling begins, stop/lessen applying the facial lotion over the area where there is visible peeling. Continue where there is none.
  • Remove peeled off skin through gentle massage of face while taking a shower or wipe it off with a piece of cotton wet with facial cleanser.
  • Based on visual assessment, if the peeling is complete and the desired smoothness of the skin is achieved, STOP applying the facial lotion. Let the skin rest for a few days to allow new skin to grow. However, continue the cleansing and moisturizing routine.
  • Resume the complete regimen as you see fit. Our skin normally sheds off layers of dead skin every 15-45 days. As we grow older, this activity slows down. Our beauty regimen comes to the rescue by facilitating this natural process.
  • Regular users should be able to determine the applicable frequency of use of the regimen based on each individual requirement. As the skin adapts to the regimen, one should be able to set personal timeline to maximize the benefits our products offer.

Together with Crystalderm, beautiful skin is in your hands.

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