• Brightening Body Scrub


    Crystalderm Brightening Body Scrub with Insta-Peel action lightens your skin as it effectively removes dead skin build-up, gets rid of toxins and impurities, giving you skin that fresh and healthy glow.

    Available in 3 Variants: Gluta (White), Kojic (Orange) and Plazenta (Pink)

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  • Gluta Hand & Body Lotion

    • Powerful Age Defying & Skin Whitener

    Crystalderm Hand & Body Lotion with its high grade anti-oxidant and nourishing glutathione ingredient, it keeps your skin ultra-moisturized, whiter and younger looking.

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  • Papaya Hand & Body Lotion


    Crystalderm Papaya Hand & Body Lotion contains natural papaya enzymes that help keep your skin fair, smooth and healthy looking.

    Papain is an exfoliating agent that can help remove dark spots and lighten the skin. Papain is commonly used in skincare products because of the benefits it provides. It helps exfoliate and moisturize dry skin and gives it a luminous, healthy glow. This soap softens and refine pores.

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  • 9%

    Rejuvenating Toner Set Big

    530.00 585.00
    • Exfoliating
    • Revitalizing
    • Pore-Refining
    • Whitening

    Contains : Crystalderm Facial Toner, Multi-Fruit Facial Cleanser, Day Cream, Night Cream & Rejuvenating Soap

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  • Ultralift Vitamin Soap


    UltraLift Vitamin Soap contains gentle botanicals that foams away dirt, make-up and pollution. With natural citrus extract and tea tree oil, it gently cleans and softens your skin while retaining most of the natural moisture on skin. Calms and firms hyper-sensitive skin.

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  • 10%

    Pro-Teen Solution Kit

    180.00 200.00

    Fast & Effective Treatment for Teen Pimples

    CRYSTALDERM PRO-TEEN PIMPLE CONTROL is the recommended regimen for growing teens to treat pimples fast, balance excessive oiliness and prevent future breakouts.

    Contains: Pro-Teen Pimple Solution, Pro-Teen Pimple Cream, Pro-Teen Pimple Soap

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  • Acne Facial Soap


    Clarifying Acne Soap for Sensitive skin

    Crystalderm Acne Facial soap is a hypo-allergenic, glycerine based soap well recommended for regular use for pimple-prone skin. It deeply washes away dirt and grimes on face and rid excessive oil that clogs the pores. It works fast to dry pimples and keep your skin smooth and pimple-free. Prevents further pimple breakouts

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  • Clarifiance (Anti Acne) Day Cream 25g


    Daytime Protection for pimple-prone skin

    Crystalderm Clarifiance Day Cream is the recommended daytime cream for pimple-prone skin. It is water based which helps regulate skin moisture and balance skin oiliness.

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  • Clarifiance (Anti-Acne) Night Cream 25g

    • Night Moisturizer & Whitener
    • For Pimple-prone Skin

    Crystalderm Clarifiance Night Cream is the recommended moisturizing cream during night time for pimple-prone skin. It calms and clarifies oily skin while improving skin texture overnight. It is a water-based formulation that is easily absorbed by the skin to prevent disruption on skin functions during period of rest.

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  • Clarifiance Facial Lotion (Anti-Acne)

    • Toner for Pimples & Acne
    • Heal Pimples*Prevent Future Breakouts*Whitens Skin

    Crystalderm Clarifiance Acne Facial Lotion is the recommended toner for pimple-prone skin. It treats pimples fast, regulates oiliness and diminishes pimple marks while preventing future breakouts. Heals acne fast and effective.
    Lemon Soap contains natural citrus extracts rich in Vitamin C that has natural antibacterial properties, a good choice to help treat pimples/acne and prevent further breakouts.

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  • Clarifiance Facial Cleanser – Lemon 60mL

    • Deep Cleanser for Pimpled & Oily Skin

    Crystalderm Clarifiance Facial Cleanser contains natural citrus extracts that is well recommended to deep clean and clarify the skin. It helps regulate oiliness and balances moisture on the skin to keep pimples and acne at bay. Lemon extract is a common folk remedy for lightening skin quickly.

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  • Glutathione Soap


    Crystalderm Glutathione Soap contains pure and hi-grade glutathione, a natural anti-oxidant that promotes healthier and whiter skin with regular use.

    • It removes excess pigments in the skin.
    • It controls acne and removes its marks.
    • It refines skin pores.
    • It makes the skin glow.
    • It makes skin clearer and smoother.
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