• Citronella Soap

    • Anti-Itch
    • Insect Repellent

    The use of citronella extracts in our Crystalderm Citronella Soap provides great healthful benefits to the skin. It improves the skin tone by making it smoother and tighter.It refines pores.

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  • Crystal Papaya Soap 90g


    Crystalderm Crystal Papaya Soap contains pure and natural extract of freshly picked papaya fruit.With natural Vitamins A,C & E, it is great for skin whitening and smoothening. Nurture the gift of whiter, smoother and younger-looking skin with regular use.

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  • Tawas Kalamansi Soap


    Crystalderm Tawas with Kalamansi is especially formulated with liquid alum and natural extracts from Kalamansi fruit which helps lighten and deodorize the skin particularly the armpits. Both Alum and Kalamansi are traditionally used to neutralize body odor and prevent excessive perspiration on the armpits.

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  • Ultralift Vitamin Soap


    UltraLift Vitamin Soap contains gentle botanicals that foams away dirt, make-up and pollution. With natural citrus extract and tea tree oil, it gently cleans and softens your skin while retaining most of the natural moisture on skin. Calms and firms hyper-sensitive skin.

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  • Acne Facial Soap


    Clarifying Acne Soap for Sensitive skin

    Crystalderm Acne Facial soap is a hypo-allergenic, glycerine based soap well recommended for regular use for pimple-prone skin. It deeply washes away dirt and grimes on face and rid excessive oil that clogs the pores. It works fast to dry pimples and keep your skin smooth and pimple-free. Prevents further pimple breakouts

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  • Glutathione Soap


    Crystalderm Glutathione Soap contains pure and hi-grade glutathione, a natural anti-oxidant that promotes healthier and whiter skin with regular use.

    • It removes excess pigments in the skin.
    • It controls acne and removes its marks.
    • It refines skin pores.
    • It makes the skin glow.
    • It makes skin clearer and smoother.
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  • Guava Soap

    • Healing Wonder
    • Antiseptic

    Crystalderm Guava Soap is especially formulated with pure extracts from fresh guava leaves. It is tradionally well known for its natural skin healing properties. Heals skin bruises, cuts and minor skin irritations.


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  • Slimming Soap


    Crystalderm Simming Soap is blended with natural seaweeds extracts that helps keep your body firm and smooth.

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  • Lemon Soap

    • Skin Clarifying
    • Anti-Acne

    Crystalderm Lemon Soap contains natural vitamin C from citrus fruit extracts that helps clarify skin. It is best recommended to rid excess oil on skin, dry pimples fast and clarify skin. Nutrure the gift of pimple free skin.

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  • Bleaching Soap


    Crystalderm Bleaching Soap is especially formulated with botanical extracts and natural fruit oils that effectively helps whiten your skin and lighten minor skin pigmentation.

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  • Patchouli Herbal Soap

    • Scalp Cleanser
    • Hair Growth Stimulator

    Crystalderm Patchouli Soap is a herbal soap and shampoo bar all-in-one is an alternative to our Patchouli herbal Shampoo. Formulated with pure and natural extracts from exotic Patchouli Plant and juices from Aloe Vera, it is an effective deep hair cleansing agent and scalp energizer that helps promote growth of new hairs and strengthen existing.

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  • Glutatanium Soap

    • Whitener
    • Sun Protectant

    Crystalderm Glutanium soap contains anti-oxidant and whitening glutathione plus Titanium Dioxide which is know to help protect the skin from the UV rays of the sun.

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